This is one of my favourite pieces ever, from 1989. It stands about 6′ high, made of two pieces of 3/8″ steel – one cut with a cutting torch and the other folded with great effort and a very good friend. The back piece is folded into three, so from the top the whole thing is like a hexagon with the front side open. With the piece lying down on its back, I sprayed the inside of the steel with water and sifted blue chalk-line chalk onto it with a flour sifter. For something so fragile and powdery, it was amazingly durable. After shipping it I used to just have to touch up the chalk a bit.

I remember how it felt to move the doors on the front, very heavy and the hinges only wanted to do certain angles. I got very good at moving this great big thing around by myself, balancing it.

Click on image below for one that fits on the screen:




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